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I.M.P indie/pop artist bitter's kiss

I.M.P indie/pop artist bitter’s kiss

Although a misunderstood and often over-used term, indie music is home to some of the most expressive and eccentric artists in the music world and I.M.P takes a strong focus on indie music promotion. From Modest Mouse, The National, Spoon and Yeah Yeah Yeahs to the Arcade Fire, Interpol, Arctic Monkeys and The Shins, indie music is a wellspring of energy and innovation. Once you move past the over-publicized tendency towards trendiness, indie music is at it’s core a haven for the eccentric, quirky, and counter-intuitive. Independent Music Promotions are partial to original, creative indie music, from indie rock to indie pop and beyond. We work with the best publications to get it recognized and are confident that we provide the best indie music PR.

bitter’s kiss (Indie/Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in Popwrapped, the Huffington Post,, etc)

Flaunt (Indie/Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in Big Takeover, One On One Magazine, Almost Nerdy, etc)

Hot Rumour (Indie/Electro Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in the Huffington Post, Music Crowns, etc)

Eric Frisch (Indie/Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in Indie Shuffle, Hear Magazine, PopdoseBlog Critics, etc)

Autumn Kings (Indie/Pop) (Canada) (featured in the Huffington Post, the Scene Magazine, etc)

Andrew Goldring (Indie/Singer Songwriter) (U.S.A) (featured in, etc)

The Hydrothermal Vents (Indie/Post-Punk) (featured in EarmilkJoonbugWe All Want Someone To Shout ForSaid the Gramophone, etc)

The Great Escape (Indie, Pop, Alternative) (U.S.A) (featured in TOOVIA, Blog Critics, etc)

Sam Levin (Indie, Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in the 405, Big Takeover, etc)

Audio Jane (Indie Rock) (U.S.A) (featured in Sensible Reason, etc)

QVALIA (Indie, Alternative, Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in Ellenwood EP)

Lakefield (Indie Pop/Indie Rock) (Canada) (featured in Abort MagazineUTG Review, etc)

Grown Up Avenger Stuff (Indie) (U.S.A) (featured in UTG ReviewVivid ScribeAmpkicker, etc)

ATMIG (Indie/Folk) (U.S.A) (featured in the Music Court, etc)

Galapaghost (Indie/Folk) (U.S.A) (featured in No Depression, etc)

Sara Ontaneda (Indie/Alternative) (U.S.A) (featured in Obscure Sound, the Celebrity Cafe, etc)

Pacanomad (Indie, Blues, Alternative) (U.S.A) (featured in Big Takeover Magazine, Sound and Silence, etc)

Louise Aubrie (Indie Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in the Seattle Post-IntelligencerViva Glam MagazineNBHAPInhale Times Magazine, etc)

Slim Loris (Indie, Americana) (Sweden) (featured in Lithium Magazine, Ultimate Guitar, etc)

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