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I.M.P industrial music PR artist Godhead

I.M.P industrial music PR artist Godhead

Industrial Music PR

Independent Music Promotions is passionate about industrial music, from Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy to Swans, Foetus, Front Line Assembly and Machines of Loving Grace. We provide worldwide industrial music PR to the most accomplished and fresh sounding industrial or industrial-inspired artists.

Godhead (Industrial, Electronic, Metal) (U.S.A) (featured in Guitar WorldExclaimMetal AssaultScreamer Magazine, etc)

Post Death Soundtrack (Alternative, Industrial, Downtempo) (featured in Music Times, PASTE Magazine, etc)

He Is Me (Industrial, Ambient, Rock) (featured in Obscure Sound, New Noise Magazine, etc)

Jane in Space (Alternative, Industrial, Electro Rock) (U.S.A) (featured in PASTE MagazineAbort Magazine, Brutal Resonance, etc)

No:carrier (Electro Noir, Electro Pop, Downtempo) (Germany/U.S.A) (featured in All Access MagazineThe Deli Magazine, etc)

RXGF (Darkwave, Electro, Alternative) (U.S.A) (featured in Big Takeover Magazine, the DJ List, etc)

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