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Having grown up on all forms of heavy rock, punk, prog, metal and their many sub-genres, heavy music is very close to our hearts. Far from being simply a vehicle for aggression, heavy music allows the full range of human expression, not just the conscious, accepted parts. Just like singing, screaming is an art form. Heavy artists that inspire us range from Tool, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Gojira, Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Guns N' Roses and Porcupine Tree to Propagandhi, Deftones, Refused, Alice In Chains, Sepultura, Mike Patton, Mastodon, Russian Circles, Animals As Leaders and beyond. Don't get us started!

We're proud to take on ambitious and artistic rock, metal, punk and prog music.

Winter Calling (Metal/Progressive) (U.S.A) (featured in New Noise Magazine, AXS.com, etc)

Generator Ohm (Post-Rock/Progressive Rock) (U.S.A) (featured in The Noise Beneath The Apple, Vents Magazine, Blog Critics, etc)

Vajra (Metal/Progressive Rock) (U.S.A) (featured in Buzzfeed, Lithium Magazine, etc)

Gumshen (Progressive Rock/Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in Music-news.com, UTG Review, Sputnik Music, Nanobot Rock, Big Takeover Magazine, etc)

Vile Display of Humanity (Thrash, Metal, Punk, Hardcore) (featured in Examiner.com, Magic Monster Records, Alternative Control, etc)

The Oxford Coma (Metal) (U.S.A) (featured in Big Takeover Magazine, New Noise Magazine, etc)

Larusso (Pop Punk/Alternative) (U.S.A) (featured in Punk Rock Planet, New Noise Magazine, Young Hollywood, etc)

The Departure (Punk, Metal, Progressive Rock) (U.S.A) (featured in New Sick Music, Soundscape Magazine, etc)

S.N.A.F.U (Thrash, Metal, Hardcore, Punk) (U.S.A) (featured in Philly Punk, Rebel Noise, Riff You, etc)

The Gabriel Construct (Metal/Prog/Crossover) (U.S.A) (featured in Metalsucks, Prog Archives, Absolute Punk, etc)

CalatrilloZ (Operatic, Metal, Hard Rock, Crossover) (London, UK) (featured in Under the Gun Review, Metal Assault, Brutal Resonance, etc)

Whale Fall (Post-Rock, Heavy Rock, Instrumental) (U.S.A) (featured in Absolute Punk, Bloody Disgusting, etc)

Lovesick Saints (Punk) (U.S.A) (featured in Punk Globe Magazine, Absolute Punk, Punk News, etc)

EndAnd (Noise Rock/Punk) (U.S.A) (featured in Absolute Punk, Punknews, Sputnik Music, Razorcake, etc)

AUG (Hard Rock/Metal) (U.S.A) (featured in Abort Magazine, Short & Sweet NYC, New Noise Magazine, etc)

Manilow (Punk/Post-Punk) (UK) (featured in Blog Critics, Antimusic.com, etc)

Heylel (Progressive Rock/Metal) (Portugal) (featured in The Progressive Aspect, Progressive World, Prog Planet, Screamer Magazine, etc)

Rise of Realism (Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock) (Netherlands) (featured in Examiner.com, AXS.com, etc)

Unfathomed of Abyss (Black Metal) (U.S.A) (featured in Abort Magazine, Thefuture.fm, etc)

Vulture Kult (Punk/Metal) (Canada) (featured in Punknews, Lithium Magazine, etc)

Liquid Casing (Progressive Rock/Post-Punk) (U.S.A) (featured in Metalsucks, NBHAP, Jerry Lucky, etc)

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"Great reviews... well targeted." "Great reviews... well targeted." Manilow | London, UK / Post-punk

"Thanks for doing such a great job for a very reasonable cost. This is exactly what Manilow needed to get some search buzz and, more importantly, some great reviews by interesting people who were well targeted."

"More than satisfying." "More than satisfying." EndAnd | New York / Punk

“It’s rare to find competence like James’s. The attention he gave EndAnd has been more than satisfying. We are musicians who have no inclination to take on the role of promoters…or advisors, managers and or A&R personal which James has been to us. We got more then we bargained for.”

"IMP did a superb job for us!" "IMP did a superb job for us!" Winter Calling | USA / Progressive Metal

"IMP did a superb job for us! It's great to know that you are truly a promotions company that we can count on to deliver the goods."


Punk, Prog, Metal



Punk, Prog, Metal



Punk, Prog, Metal



Punk, Prog, Metal