Kazan, Russia-based psych pop artist MITYA is celebrating the release of new 5-track EP ‘Nude‘ and a 360-degree music video for ‘Island’. The EP finds MITYA experimental, funky and fun, with a chilled, slightly mischevious falsetto over psychedelic, woozy beats. There’s plenty of beauty to behold in the intriguing arrangements, and no shortage of drama either. Whether you’re into artists like Thom Yorke, Flying Lotus, Caribou or even Beck, there’s something worthwhile happening here that should be of interest. MITYA is original, and has evolved his unique sound into something special.

Take a listen to ‘Nude’, now out on all platforms.

Accompanying MITYA’s quite visionary sound is a visionary 360-degree music video directed by Lionel Williams.

About the video: “Island” is a 360º interactive video. To fully experience the beauty of the Afterworld wear a VR-headset. Or tilt your phone and look everywhere you want. Or click & drag or use arrow or WASD keys on a computer to wander and wonder.

MITYA can be supported through Patreon.

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