S. F. Incorporated Release Masterful Industrial Metal Album and Star-Studded Video

S.F. Incorporated release masterful Industrial Metal album and star-studded video

Industrial Metal project Skull Fuckers Incorporated, founded and led by vocalist, guitarist and producer Jay Reiter, captures that rare vision that is undeniably true to the cause, paying tribute to genre greats like Ministry and Fear Factory while standing unwaveringly in its own relentless expression. Their new album “First Penetration” shows no mercy while showing full dedication to the harsh craft that is industrial metal. This is uncut musical danger.

And Jay is not the only one who believes in this unfiltered rapscallion of a band. He’s managed to compile a literal army of heavyweight supporters, as evidenced by the incredible celebrity cameos lending their promotional stamp to the spirited new music video for “Nightmare”, which features Tom Arnold (Rosanne, True Lies), John Wheeler (Screaming Mechanical Brain, Blue Felix), Master Ken (Internet Star), Beefcake the Mighty (GWAR), George Wendt (Cheers), Kyle Thomas (Exhorder), Brian Posehn (Big Bang Theory) and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister, Strangeland).

S.F. Incorporated release masterful Industrial Metal album and star-studded video

“Nightmare” perfectly captures the brazen heaviness and fun this album is. A pure vision from someone schooled in the genre and it’s history. Masterful elements of Industrial Metal, Punk and Goth are in vibrant display throughout.

Industrial Metal band S.F. Incorporated

Skull Fuckers Incorporated is an industrial metal band with old school industrial influences. Based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Skull Fuckers Incorporated was a massive success in the late 90s/early new millennium throughout the Midwest. The band is known for a theatrical, albeit macabre, live show and a crazy party  lifestyle off stage. Due to Skull Fuckers Incorporated’s crazy antics both on and off stage rumors that have now become legendary within the Midwest metal circles were persistent throughout their career. After taking a fifteen year hiatus, Skull Fuckers Incorporated are back with a new record and a live action television series in the works at the end of 2023.

Similar/RIYL: Ministry, White Zombie, Fear Factory, Static-X
Genre(s): Industrial Metal; Punk; Heavy Metal; Goth
1 – The Dangers of Skull Fucking
2 – Pain
3 – Nightmare
4 – Spice Girl
5 – Skull Fuckers Incorporated
6 – The Beautiful People *cover*
7 – Soloscum
8 – The Vampire Hunter
9 – More Human Than Human *cover*
10 – Wish *cover*
11 – Who Are They
12 – The God of Nothing

Watch the star-studded “Nightmare” video on Youtube.

Stream the full “First Penetration” album on Spotify.

Listen or purchase the album via Bandcamp.

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