The Black City bring the funk on "Wale Up. The Funk" album

We’re excited to bring you a truly unique and authentic Italian funk collective called The Black City and their kickstand of a full-length release “Wake Up. The Funk”. If you’re a real music enthusiast you’ve probably bumped into the genius George Clinton (Parliament, Funkadelic) and his various musical incarnations. This band takes the spirit of funk music seriously, laying down 9 tracks all devoted to the almighty groove.

From the band: Inspired by the greats that came before us, we play the funk music we love, but influenced by our own stories as musicians – blues, rock, latin and even reggae all find their way into this album that asks to be listened to actively and not passively as we are becoming so used to. Take a little time to enjoy listening to a story, each song its own unique chapter rooted in pure funk.

Watch the music video for title track “Wake Up. The Funk”.
Track List:
1. Wake Up. The funk
2. Stone Free
3. Hour of the Beasties
4. Cage
5. Be Quiet
6. Original Sound
7. Shadow Wake
8. Goosebumps – Remix
9. Funky Time – Remix
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