An extremely solid rock track called “Lottery” comes to us this morning from Southern California singer/songwriter Sam Page. Think Foo Fighters meets Sam Roberts and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the kind of energy he’s dishing out. Pleasant surprises abound in the dirtiness of the guitar riffage and the stellar range of Page’s vocals. There’s a sense of freedom and joy in the songwriting here, someone truly at ease with themselves and not taking things too seriously. “Like &First Site” is the perfect Facebook satire. When the song started I wasn’t quite sure about it, but the lyrics were so dead on, and if you press on the groove gets downright strange. His track “Pass Me By” recently won OurStage’s alternative rock contest, and it’s another worthy groove for your alt rock playlist.

All tracks are taken from his EP “Waiting for Another Spring”, which you can purchase at Sam’s official website.

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