Seattle classic rock band Sundogs with new album "The Code"

Seattle Classic Rock Band Sundogs Deliver Electrified Jam Rock and Jazz Fusion Grooves on new Album “The Code”

Seattle-based Classic Rock Jazz Fusion band Sundogs have evolved their signature sound on third full-length album The Code“. Led by Stan Snow and Jed MoffittSundogs recorded the album at Magellan Creek Studios. On The CodeSundogs sound like a seasoned rock and roll band having a blast.

The new album has 12 songs that were recorded and filmed in 2019. There are some legendary musicians on this album. Alan White (YES, John Lennon) plays drums on the song Freedom. Ben Smith (Heart) plays drums on Pick It Up, Ride and Jennifer.

See links below for more information, as well as liner notes, lyrics and credits.

Much like their last album “Legends in Their Own Minds”, Sundogs will be going above and beyond in making “The Code” a video album. Videos are planned for all 12 songs.

This collection is recommended for fans of Tom Petty, Steely Dan, the Stones, Leonard Cohen, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Paul Simon.

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