A good effort by independent metal act Judgemetal comes to us in the form of “Selfish”. The recording is respectable and the spirit is there, with the opening vocals reminiscent of stoner metal clutching onto a well chosen vocal line (the classic ‘Astronomy Domine’ by Pink Floyd comes to mind). The use of noise instead of a typical solo is welcomed, and you can tell there are some strong sonic elements developing here. The vocalist has talent for both melody and screams, though, as with all young vocalists, it needs sculpting and tearing. Once the screaming vocals come in, a different production treatment or effect could have been used to make it blend in with the mix more and the recording sounds more indie. Judgemetal seem to be playing what they enjoy but still feeling around for their own original style. This is a young band, so there is no reason to think that we won’t be hearing a much more professional version of their sound in a year or two. The verdict: These are talented young guys, but not ready for mass consumption.

Other indie bands could learn from their industrious approach. They have already filmed a music video and garnered nearly 5,000 views on Youtube. Check it out here.

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