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Indie Alt Country Singer-Songwriter Seneko has crafted deeply personal, inspired songs over a series of 3 acclaimed EP releases, the latest being 2019’s “Soul Numbers”. For the past six years, this Connecticut creator has meticulously invested his time into the art of songwriting. He’s been described as “Think country meets Radiohead” by Wail Music Magazine and featured in the Huffington Post, who wrote “Seneko brings to mind the whimsey of the Gin Blossoms”.

“Soul Numbers” was reviewed recently by NoHoArtsDistrict, who wrote “It’s gorgeously warm and welcoming, soulful and humorous, with a glorious chorus of angelic sirens shamelessly infusing these to these fantastic, deceptively simple songs with a Motown/Atlantic Records twist.  Kind of a Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen-esque, Springsteensy thoughtful yet riotous ride to church.”

Stream “Soul Numbers” below.

“I’m a song freak much more than I am a band geek. Unapologetically, I’m a sucker for melody and hook but sometimes just sheer coolness does it. It’s gotta grab me by the collar and pull me close, usually abruptly but sometimes slowly.

I’ve picked three bands whose songs have had a big impact on me and my music. For each I’ve chosen two of their tunes along with one of mine influenced by their respective muses.”


Right away, I’m contradicting what I said above because I am a band geek with frontman Jeff Tweedy and company. I’ve been a fan before they were Wilco (Tweedy and Jay Farrar’s Uncle Tupelo). Their songs and band culture as well as their evolution are absolutely intertwined. Watch the two documentaries, I am Trying to Break Your Heart and Ashes of American Flags and you’ll see what I mean.

Musically, it’s their diversity somehow always enveloped by an intimacy of common atmosphere rooted in Tweedy’s voice, lyrics and persona.

Here’s two faves: “Ashes of American Flags” and “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” along with my tune “Circle Round” from my first EP.


Actually discovered these guys at a Wilco festival seven years ago and hung on ever since. Besides being LA cool dudes, I know little about them but their songs slay me. Tons of retro melody with unexpected climbs and dives.

“On Lankershim” and “Follow the Leader” are my Foxygen picks. The angelic female bgvs in the latter inspired me to write and record a retro soul EP, my latest release Soul Numbers. From that record, my contribution: “Lost on Me.”

Teenage Fanclub

Lush power pop that rocks out when it wants to.  Like Foxygen, I don’t know much about the band but I know their songs inside and out. I can listen to them for hours. Infectious on top of infectious.

Have a listen to “Ain’t that Enough” and “The Concept” along with my tune, “True Dimension” the title track from my second EP and an absolute homage to TFC.


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