Shihori Teaches the Art of Radical Self-Acceptance on New Single “Perfect Imperfection”

Embrace who you are.

A singer songwriter who overcame multiple disabilities and kidnapping experience sings on the beauty of “Perfect Imperfection” with her charity project for supporting victims of DV and child trafficking.

The only way out is through.

Having persevered through immense trials and tribulations from overcoming disabilities to being kidnapped, Shihori‘s very existence is an act of bravery, one that permeates her music and artistic approach. There is no separating one from the other. Through her music she aims to uplift others who may be facing their own mental health challenges, encouraging them to stand alone as individuals and use their innate creative skills for self-healing. Overcoming the past, accepting your true self and embracing your beauty of “Perfect Imperfection”.

Combining big melodies, cinematic pop electronica and a base in beautiful folk music, Shihori is an artist poised to make a big splash in multiple genres. Having overcome multiple disabilities including partial deafness, Shihori has a voice that rivals Kate Bush or Tori Amos and a quirky, folk-based style to match. Shihori has explored many styles from heartwarming pop to classical, rock, jazz, Broadway-style belters and subtle indie folk. Her newest track “Perfect Imperfection” sees her teaming up with electronic and pop super-producer Dibs for a big, bold collaboration of indie pop and electronica that straddles genres and will likely introduce Shihori’s extraordinary talent to the world.

Perfect Imperfection

Inspired by her own experiences of having left-ear deafness, dwarfism and Asperger’s Syndrome, the lyrics of “Perfect Imperfection” drive home Shihori’s philosophy that no one is actually flawed and sometimes it’s our differences that can make us the most special. She uses herself as an example:

“(My) half-silent world got me into extreme concentration; I lived in my own imagination world. I didn’t hear anything, just created…people thought I was ignoring them many times but I just didn’t hear anything from my left side and my other ear was only for my imagination. I never hated my hearing in my life, because I love the sound of silence on my left side which always helps my creation. I have rather considered my deafness as a “gift”, and the other ear is a “gift” as well because my right ear has a perfect pitch by nature.”

The Collaboration

While Shihori provided her gorgeous vocal tones and poignant lyrics for “Perfect Imperfection” as she always does, it’s her collaboration on this song with electronic and pop producer Dibs that really brought out her talent and made it shine in a whole new and very emotionally raw way.

“Shihori is one of those rare artists that can combine emotion with musicality in a way that hits you at your core. With a beautiful voice and a powerful story to match, Shihori’s music is truly something special, and I have no doubt it will touch the hearts of so many,” Dibs said recently. Their combined fans will likely agree.

For “Perfect Imperfection,” Dibs and Shihori took her classic style and added a future bass beat with lots of ambient musical accompaniment to a classical piano melody. It straddles pop and EDM in its form as it has the structures of both genres built into it; a verse-chorus-verse composition to highlight Shihori’s extraordinary voice but also builds, breaks and drops like an EDM song. This production makes it viable for lots of formats, including radio and raves.

The Result

‘Perfect Imperfection’ is an indie pop gem with a message of radical self-acceptance. As 2020 barrels forward and the tidal wave of conflict and negativity rises, self-care is often forgotten. This song is a reminder to connect with and care for ourselves so we can better help others during stressful times.

Shihori will be donating all Bandcamp proceeds from the single to Joyful Heart Foundation (), who help victims of sexual abuse, DV, and child abuse.

Pre-order the single today on Bandcamp.

Watch the newly released official lyric video for the single on Shihori’s Youtube channel.

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