Singer Songwriter Arnab Sengupta Inspires on Revelatory, Meditative New Album “Leap of Faith”

Flashes of bold melody and timeless wisdom emanate from the multi-genre compositions of singer songwriter Arnab Sengupta on inspired new album “Leap of Faith”, out now on streaming platforms. On his 3rd album “Leap of Faith”Arnab Sengupta incorporates a vast amount of fresh life experience, resulting in a revelatory, meditative signature sound appealing to a wide range of discerning listeners. With song titles like ‘Impermanence” and “Alone but not Lonely”, this new release finds Arnab leaning towards ‘the ultimate truth’ as he finds meaning in hypnotic, flowing and uplifting sonic fusions.

“Leap of Faith” finds Arnab Sengupta showcasing his boundary-smashing songwriting approach, with jazz, blues, world, classical and experimental all playing important roles. To make the project come to life, Arnab has enlisted the support of a range of masterful guest musicians.

Those looking to explore the depths of their own consciousness should find much to enjoy here.

From the Artist:
My songwriting journey started way back in 2006 after a good 15 odd years of having assimilated a plethora of musical styles and genre, by studying, performing and nurturing Contemporary music in various capacities. It was my last year in the frivolous 20s. I was soon entering the more mature 30s and various incidences and situations impelled me to look at life much more deeply from within.

Musically the harmonic sophistication of Jazz music left the most enduring impression in my artistic expression. I was not a great improviser, but I couldn’t get enough of beautiful chord changes. But it wasn’t until 2015 that I released my first record “Refrain” which I feel is a very bold album, very fresh, creative and is harmonically rich and lyrically deep and evocative. I recorded this album in an online mode with the help of musicians from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The lyrics largely focus on my inner journey of
self-discovery and self-expansion.

My second album “Inadvertently” was recorded the following year in 2016. By that time, I had found a steady musical direction and style with my original music and was well established in my unique sound. This album too, was recorded with the help of the musicians in New York via online exchanges. The words and music have a
slightly more straight ahead jazz feel to it than “Refrain”.

For “Leap of Faith” I wanted to try out some new styles and sounds. The creative ideas for the songs in this album have spanned over 5 years, which entailed my migration to Australia, my experiences of setting up life in a new environment, my learning and regular practice of Vipassana meditation and dedicating my musical direction to learning and practicing Jazz piano with my teacher from New York. So this album did mark a “Leap of Faith” in many ways. The songs in this album are more versatile and there is a certain stylistic variety which shines through, though the words are still about my pursuit of the final frontier – the ultimate truth and meaning of Life.

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