Small Words are a 5-piece independent rock band from Halifax, UK. Their latest offering “Play Me Off”, is a surprisingly soulful ballad with themes of disillusionment and isolation. My kind of music(What does that say about me exactly?)! While the musicianship and production both could use some extra sheen, this is indie music, and it sounds like you’re listening to a live performance here – fine by me. Lead singer Patrick McCalion does a fine job of ‘intuitive vocals’. He knows his phrasing, and he’s emotionally invested. He could very well become one of UK rock’s more engaging vocalists. I’d much rather hear this than most of the material gracing the radio these days. The guitars seem to lag, and could use some more skill to be sure – there was no letting go here and it sounds like more finger exercises are in order to make this a full on professional project. It’s shaky overall, and doesn’t do justice to the depth of  the piece. The backing piano piece, as well as the strings, suit the emotive nature of the song just fine.

All in all, there is an honest intention in what this band is trying to do. They just need to tie up the loose ends and hone their skills before they can compete with the Radiohead’s and the Manic Street Preacher’s of the intensively competitive UK rock music scene. Check out “Play Me Off” and other tracks from Small Words at their official website.


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