The Stereophones are a unique and commendable indie rock/pop/experimental project. Founders Kayhan Ahmadi and Kevin Ahmadi team up with a slew of other artists, musicians, remixers and directors to create and release a ton of music, music videos and remixes, while relying on word-of-mouth and fan enthusiasm to spread the word. And guess what, folks? It works! In the new music market, you create the interest and excitement first.


That’s what The Stereophones are doing by releasing a) a high amount of material, and b) releasing it all free of charge. And what’s more, it’s decidedly original. When I was sent a link to their music video for “Fight” this morning, I couldn’t help but find it endearing. Right out of the gates, we have a classic train tracks showdown brewing between our charismatic protagonist and a scowling enemy who comes off like he definitely doesn’t know how to have a good time. The song is so upbeat and reggae-infused that you wouldn’t expect the hardcore lyrics, and that’s what makes it both funny and original.

Red Square Media directed the video and did a stellar job. This is a great indie music video, crisp and clear with flawless editing and, most of all, an engaging and hilarious storyline that delivers a twist at the end. It’s clear that everyone involved with The Stereophones project is having a blast, and the public seems to be enjoying them too. As of this moment, “Fight” has gained close to 30,000 views on Youtube. That’s how you do it, folks! Watch the video below, and download The Stereophones music FOR FREE here.

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