Strange Music Gem of the Day – Douglas Johnson

James Moore May 16, 2012 Comments Off on Strange Music Gem of the Day – Douglas Johnson
Strange Music Gem of the Day - Douglas Johnson

Since I’m writing less reviews and focusing more on simply posting great artists, I’d like to share a  “strange gem” that came my way this week. As you may know, I’ve changed formats here at Independent Music Promotions. I’m being very selective with what I cover (besides some reviews that I allow others to post). My preference is actual art; passionate musicians. I tend to stay away from religious music, Idol pop and kids Youtube videos. I know Ellen DeGeneres may be offended by that, but I’d rather let kids be kids and choose to represent the hard-working adults out there making music. I hope you enjoy them and spread them as well!

Chicago native and classically trained bassist Douglas Johnson has created some truly inspired textures on his debut solo album “Clevinjourneys”. You can also head Douglas’s work in the progressive instrumental act Gunnelpumpers, who will be releasing a new CD this Summer as well. Douglas’s work will appeal to more than just jazz or world music fans. The dark tension in the music makes both his solo work and the Gunnelpumpers material perfect for fans of everything from prog rock to electronic music, with many possibilities in between. Take a listen, get out your Krishnamurti book and escape time, my friends!

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Strange Music Gem of the Day - Douglas Johnson

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