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Calgary-based Indie/Alternative musician Tawni Bias releases moody, experimental new album “SEL Fellow”

Calgary-based Indie/Alternative musician Tawni Bias releases moody, experimental new album “SEL Fellow” Calgary-based Indie/Alternative musician and producer Tawni Bias ( creates an incredibly unique signature sound on moody, experimental new album “SEL Fellow”, released October 1, 2021 independently. On “SEL Fellow”, Tawni Bias employs the use of vulnerable singing, heady vocal effects, encompassing melodies, and hypnotic, dream-like backing instrumentation to reach the...

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New Video From Deniz Cuylan Moves with Static Ease

By ELI JACE > Allow the new video for “Object of Desire” by Deniz Cuylan to freeze you in place. Time stands still. The only wind is the force putting the hair on your body at attention. Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Cuylan put out the video last week as the second single for his beautiful new...

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Patrick Ames Releases Equality-Themed Anthem For All the “Essential Workers”

Trickster Singer Songwriter Patrick Ames continues to evolve his lyrically potent junkyard blues signature cocktail on hooky new single “Essential Workers”, out today on all platforms. Ames manages to plug into deep messages about equality and what it means to be an essential worker, while still putting the rock and roll hooks on full display with a statesman...

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NYC-based Acoustic Singer Songwriter Scott Chasolen shows Music’s Power to Transform and Heal on “Living in Limbo” Album

Bold and introspective Singer Songwriter Scott Chasolen‘s new “Living in Limbo” full-length album was truly written out of urgency. The collection of intimate performances shows music’s Power to transform and heal, a process Scott himself can attest to. Scott is a well-established NYC-based musician, highly sought after for session work. He also plays in the...

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Indie Folk Singer Songwriter Resurrection Fern releases new "Coffee" single

New Acoustic Single “Coffee” from Indie Folk Singer Songwriter Resurrection Fern Shows Heart Firmly on Sleeve

Sometimes genuine heart-on-the-sleeve, contemplative vocals and lyrics about self-discovery and vulnerability over solo acoustic guitar could be just what you need to perk up and escape your personal misery. Indie folk singer songwriter Resurrection Fern is back with new single “Coffee”, a song not really about coffee, but life? This new release comes just 2...

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Courtney Barnett on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

6 New(ish) Acts to Look Out For in 2014

One of my favourite things about a new year is getting a new wave of sounds and faces in the music industry. It freshens things up and it’s great to see and hear a bucketload of talent. Here are my faves of the new year thus far! Courtney Barnett The artist I’m most excited about...

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Exclusive Interview with Justin Wayne, Host of the Justin Wayne Show

While pursuing careers in everything from film production, video editing, secondary school teaching, s.o.m.a., and commercial radio, Justin Wayne stumbled upon the exciting new medium of podcasting. He now hosts and produces the very popular Justin Wayne Show, a podcast that seeks out the best independent music worldwide and introduces their picks to their listeners....

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Victory Garden – What’s Left Behind EP Review (For fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse)

Victory Garden are a refreshingly colourful and somewhat dramatic acoustic/alternative band from Crownpoint, Illinois, who may just be appearing at the right time given 2012’s tendency to favour the more artistic side of the musical coin. Taking their influence from renowned cult acts like Modest Mouse and Local H as well as the iconic 90’s...

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Alas, The Ocean – Indie Folk with a Huge Buzz

Our newest interview is an exclusive with indie/folk artist Alas, the Ocean, who has been making major strides with his new album release through Bandcamp. Word-of-mouth and a huge buzz surrounds this artist as well, with over 1,200 people “talking about this” on Facebook. I can tell you from the Django Django stats, for example,...

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Dirk Lind shows wisdom and brilliance on “Division Street”

Dirk Lind is the type of honest singer/songwriter I respect. Not necessarily because he’s going to change the world or is exploring never-before-seen sonic territory, but because he’s contributing to what I feel is a strong and open communication of the human soul. He plays from his heart; something that the late Bill Hicks would...

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CD Review – Think Twice EP by Arman Srsa

Showing promise as an up-and-coming singer/songwriter and acoustic artist, Arman Srsa has made a big artistic leap with his new EP “Think Twice”. Born in Croatia, raised in South Africa, and spending much of his life travelling the world, he has a unique perspective, and it’s one of neutrality and love. Isn’t it ironic that...

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Interview with The Lost Sounds

Recently I caught up with Kyle from indie acoustic/rock band The Lost Sounds. Tell us about The Lost Sounds and what you bring to the table. The Lost Sounds is a indie band that writes songs that aim to inspire and give people hope, to connect with people on a personal level and help them...

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