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Advertising On Facebook

by MATT BACON > I think one of the big struggles we are going to be facing in the next few years is social media advertisement (Facebook advertising). Like it or not (And let’s be real – probably not) it’s extremely difficult to set up ads within social media and these high barriers of entry...

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Why Buying Facebook Likes Is A Necessary Evil

One of the things that people regularly forget about in this industry is that despite the alleged democracy of the internet a lot of stuff is like it was back in the day when you needed to pay for magazine ads you also need to pay for Facebook advertising. I know that just a few...

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The Weeknd

Why Unsigned Musicians Should Worry About Popularity, Not Money

Even in 2015, unsigned musicians are still releasing their music and asking “where’s my money?” right out of the gate. It’s extremely important that every artist look deeply into this question. First of all, in my view, the expectation is flawed. If you have less than 10,000 genuine fans and you’re hoarding your music, waiting...

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How To Get More Press Than Other Bands

How do you get more press than other bands? It’s actually quite simple, and over half the work is accomplished by switching your mindset from one of an artist who is being “affected by the world” to a serious artist who is affecting the world with ease. The term serious implies you take the time...

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Legendary Record Producer Stuart Epps On The Music Industry And What It Takes To Be Great

It was a true honour this week to have the chance to speak with the legendary record producer/engineer Stuart Epps, who has worked with artists such as Led Zeppelin, Elton John, George Harrison, Bill Wyman, Oasis, Twisted Sister, Robbie Williams, Jeff Beck, Paul Rodgers and many others. Starting his music career at the age of...

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