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Joe Cardamone mirrors pandemic life with Quarentina

By ELI JACE > Joe Cardamone mirrors pandemic life with Quarentina We all thought, at most, a couple of weeks. The lockdowns felt so temporary, a long weekend, some time off from normalcy. Nearly two years later and the pandemic created a vortex by which we all slipped into. Quarentina by Joe Cardamone is a...

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Gojira’s Fortitude solidifies their prominence in modern metal.

Gojira’s Fortitude solidifies their prominence in modern metal. In the life cycle of a band or artist like Gojira, the constant thrust is to find that sound that’s quintessentially yours. Some concoction of words, sounds, and rhythm that unites your fans in solidarity. The achievement of being able to flick on a radio or a...

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Deloused in the Comatorium: A Psychonaut’s Odyssey.

An in-depth look at The Mars Volta’s masterwork, “Deloused in the Comatorium”. This morning we received a cryptic teaser from modern prog legends The Mars Volta. The masters of maniacal musical moods and mystical bilingual lyrical manifestations have been defunct since 2013 when group leaders guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala announced they had...

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Vermont band, Clever Girls, craft endearing “Constellations”

By ELI JACE > Clever Girls find their lane and stomp the gas pedal on their second album, Constellations.  This fourpiece, out of Burlington, VT, have crafted an endearing set of songs. Led by lead vocalist and songwriter, Diane Jean, Clever Girls explore life’s misgivings through expert songcraft. Winfield Holt on guitar, Tobias Sullivan on bass,...

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Top 10 Albums of the Last 4 Years

By ELI JACE > Best of the Last Four Years (2017-2020) As America completes another step in the transfer of power from one presidential administration to the next, another chunk of history concludes. The last four years have been tumultuous beyond true comprehension, but musicians, as always, grind through, finding creativity where it lands. At...

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Gatecreeper drop “Unexpected” album

By ELI JACE > Billowing from the world’s number one COVID hotspot, Arizona’s Gatecreeper have surprise-released a new album. Surprise! At midnight last night, An Unexpected Reality, appeared available for purchase and download. Only hours before, singer Chase “Hellahammer” Mason started the tease.   I can’t wait to punish everyone for at least a full week...

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Gorillaz ‘Song Machine Season One: Strange Timez’ Full Album Is out, and We Had to Take a Minute to Gather Our Thoughts

So much has happened with Gorillaz and their magical song machine since the release of the video for “Strange Times” and our wordy review of the Robert Smith collab. The beloved virtual band announced that Song Machine would be made into an album or rather a “season,” called Strange Timez. Before it released on October 23, the...

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Hear a Haunted Nashville on Anne Malin’s Waiting Song

By ELI JACE > For musicians, this pandemic shit has been especially disruptive to the album cycle. Recording, touring and marketing have all been affected across the board. At the start of the year Anne Malin had planned to build upon their discography of southern ghost-folk and record a follow-up to their 2018 album, Fog...

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John Frusciante’s Trickfinger negotiates between chaos and peace in real-time

John Frusciante’s Trickfinger negotiates between chaos and peace in real-time When we think of an artist embarking on a solo career, it’s usually seen as a narcissistic endeavor to some degree. The dissenting member feels that their ideas need to break free of the crucible of the band and perhaps that their clout as an...

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Consciousness Amid Crisis: Elaquent’s ‘Forever is a Pretty Long Time’ and the Superiority of the Arts in Our Lives

Consciousness Amid Crisis: Elaquent’s ‘Forever is a Pretty Long Time’ and the Superiority of the Arts in Our Lives by Jessica Brant Our longest days are barely over. What feels like a sci-fi feature set in a distant, dystopian future is the current reality for millions of Americans that were forced into home confinement for...

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Run The Jewels throw down their fourth mic drop LP exactly when we need it.

  In times like these, there are few groups you want to have drop an album more than the iconoclastic duo, Run The Jewels. The Atlanta/Brooklyn collab of Killer Mike and El-P have already carved out a lauded legacy with RTJ 1,2, and 3, combining arena-thumping bangin’ beats with eloquent, urgent, and socially conscious lyrics....

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REVIEW: “Miss Anthropocene” by GRIMES

By ELI JACE > Grimes shoots for high concept but never gets past the D n B. Miss Anthropocene is the wily-eyed singer’s fifth album and finds her kicking her sound further out. It’s a party album for the fall of man, something to dance on the ashes of yesteryear to while Gaia chokes on...

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