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alternative rock

Oleg Prodeus – The 13 CD Review

Oleg Prodeus is a Vienna based Alternative rock musician/writer/producer with a ton of projects on the go, one of them being his solo rock album “The 13”, which is a collection of moody yet catchy industrial-tinged songs. “Savior” sets a mood similar to Muse and Interpol at the beginning, with Oleg’s very distinctive lead vocal...

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Exclusive Interview with Alt Rockers Paradox Please

Our latest feature is with alternative rock/progressive band Paradox Please, who add more patience, intrigue and intelligence to their songwriting than the average rock band. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. I enjoyed your mix of influences. Heavy but melodic and interesting at the same time. Do you have any new releases available? Our first...

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The Goldenhearts – Is There Love On Mars? CD Review

“Always remember to be kind. They’ll cut off your head to get to your mind” – The Goldenhearts So go the opening lines of the heavily Beatles-inspired track “Star” by alternative rock band the Goldenhearts. Led by front man Roger Rocha, who you may recognize from his work as former guitarist for the cult favourite...

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Exclusive Interview with Soulful Alternative Rockers Fly Paper

Fly Paper are a classic-sounding, blues-driven alternative rock band with strong grooves and soulful vocals. I enjoyed their album enough to make room for it on my already full iPod! Currently promoting their self-titled release and relentlessly performing live, they took the time to bring me up to speed with their latest. Welcome to Independent...

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Exclusive Interview With The Offset

Alternative rock band The Offset are celebrating the release of their newly released self-titled EP, which has a classic 90’s alternative sound. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. Tell us about your brand new EP “The Offset” and how it came about. By the way, I loved the cover art. Our new EP is really...

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Fans of Patti Smith, Bjork and PJ Harvey will love Katrin the Thrill

Art is meant to stir the soul, and such is the case with the stunningly beautiful and relevant indie/alternative rock act Katrin the Thrill. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that the music industry is plagued with the hipster virus and no one is telling the truth, but that would be a lie, my...

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Every Indie Band Has A Niche Market

Every indie band has a niche market when it comes to music marketing. This topic isn’t discussed too extensively in other books. Unless you are one of those delusional bands who think they are a “space rock/jazz/funk/death metal/fusion/pop/contemporary hybrid”, you most likely have a few genres you could be listed under. The reason we mention...

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