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Arcade Fire Album Cover on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

Arcade Fire blow it on Reflektor

Arcade Fire don’t know it yet, but they are currently in the throes of a creative death spiral. Reflektor, their fourth, is a bloated, disengaging, self-important yawn of an album. The build-up to the record release was long and arduous with spray-painted logos on the sides of buildings, Saturday Night Live performances, self-effacing video promos,...

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10 Artists You MUST Hear This Fall

As we draw into the latter stages of 2013 (how quickly has it gone by the way?!), let’s take a look at some traditional big-hitters, and some newer artists that may be catching you by surprise this autumn… San Cisco A band I first saw in Spring of this year, supporting the strange, indie stylings...

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Elevator Art’s Tent City EP will blow away fans of the Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix

From Toms River, New Jersey, Elevator Art capture both the deep emotion and lush instrumentation of acts like the Arcade Fire, yet with the unbridled freedom and edge of psychedelic rock n’ roll. Propelled by intelligent lyrics, beautiful lead vocals, dirty Hendrix-esque guitars, and a band who sound and FEEL like the ultimate festival act,...

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Interview With Gifted Singer Songwriter Sierra Hurtt

Today’s exclusive interview is with up-and-coming singer/songwriter Sierra Hurtt, who has an incredibly beautiful voice that I’m predicting will be taken very seriously in the music world. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Sierra. You’ve been getting quite a bit of positive acclaim lately, and I have to say it’s well deserved. So how did “Stranger”...

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Exclusive Interview With “Gypsy Poet” Folk Artist Annalise Emerick

Popular independent folk artist Annalise Emerick has been gaining many new fans across the globe thanks to her beautiful voice and engaging lyrics. She stopped by to share her thoughts on her music, her love of travel, life as an indie artist, and the current music industry. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Annalise. You’ve been...

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Countless Thousands Are Happy To Be Here – Rock Revival pt 2

Countless Thousands are happy to be here, and it’s easy to imagine the world being equally happy to have them, starved as it is for genuine music and honesty without pretension. It`s rare to find lyrical prowess at all, let alone in a young band, but Danger Van Gorder of  Countless Thousands is truly a...

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