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New Music Friday – Essential New Artists for the True Music Connoisseur

It’s New Music Friday again, and there’s a plethora of essential new artists for all you music connoisseurs out there. Below we’ll outline our curated recommendations. Most of these picks are included on our Independent Music Worldwide playlist. Hope – Red Man Find something more powerful than this for me. Don’t worry. I’ll wait….it’s just...

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New York Artist XI.ME.NA Summons Electronic Pop and Avant-Garde Opera Muses on Enchanting “Before You” EP

We’re very pleased to introduce award-winning artist XI.ME.NA, who uses her multi-disciplinary background, personal life experience and out-of-this-world vocal capacity to create a truly original sound, demonstrated on new EP release “Before You”. Art pop singer XI.ME.NA from New York/Venezuela uses her voice to create neoclassical, vocally-driven, ambient, electronica music. Produced by Joe Rogers, these are...

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New Flaming Lips=your day-tripping soundtrack of 2017

Presenting: the day-tripping album of 2017 — Oczy Mlody by the Flaming Lips. The album, released this past January,  carries the listener through many different universes, many different soundscapes with Wayne Coyne as the pinwheel-eyed pilot with smoke coming from his ears. The album, the Lips’ fourteenth, starts with its title track, a daydreaming instrumental...

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Marcus Reeves Goes All Out With Debut Album, Sells Mask Of His Own Face

Think everything’s been done, folks? Think again. Art/glam rocker Marcus Reeves, who has long stood apart from the crowd with his uniquely original glittery image, is now releasing his debut album, with a box set option that includes a hand made mask of his own face. Personally, I think that’s pretty damn awesome. Musically, he...

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