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Award-Winning Singer Songwriter Exudes Wisdom on Hyper-Catchy “Common Mistake”

Award-Winning Singer Songwriter Exudes Wisdom on Hyper-Catchy “Common Mistake” Pop Rock Singer Songwriter and Musical Visionary Ajay Mathur continues going from strength to strength as he celebrates several awards surrounding his 2022 album “Talking Loud”. Limited edition vinyl is available at Ajay’s store. Ajay Mathur is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and a citizen of the world. Born and raised in...

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What The Grammies Mean For Your Indie Band

So the Grammies have happened yet again – to the general public it’s musics biggest night. It’s a big party with all of their favorite musicians and if they’re lucky a scandal or two. It’s the sort of thing that people fantasize over and which is, admittedly a hell of an event to get to...

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Top 7 Songs of 2015 So Far

As a three months for music, 2015 has contributed lots to the zeitgeist; between Kanye ‘jokingly’ attempting to take Beck’s Grammy from him, to Kanye’s Brit Awards performance being heavily censored and Kanye’s…you get the picture. While the infamous rapper might just feature on this mini-countdown (I’ll keep you in suspense for just a little...

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