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band dynamics

When Your Main Dude Sucks

by MATT BACON > So earlier this month I wrote an article about the “Main dude” in a band and how that can impact band dynamics. It got quite a bit of traction, especially, I noticed, among main dudes from bands across the world. However, a question that got raised by several friends of mine...

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Having A Main Dude

by MATT BACON > I wanted to revisit a theme from last weeks set of articles – the concept of the “main dude”. For the uninitiated the “main dude” is the guy who does most of the important stuff for the band and the dude who consequently leads to shifts in band dynamics because they...

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Dealing With The Main Dude In Indie Bands

One thing that I’ve seen a lot of bands struggle with is the phenomenon of there being a ‘main dude’. You might try to disavow this, saying that in your band everyone participates equally in writing songs, invests equally financially and the band has all main roles doled out so that you all put in...

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