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Having A Main Dude

by MATT BACON > I wanted to revisit a theme from last weeks set of articles – the concept of the “main dude”. For the uninitiated the “main dude” is the guy who does most of the important stuff for the band and the dude who consequently leads to shifts in band dynamics because they...

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Who You Want In Your Band

Figuring out who you want to work with in the music industry is hard. There’s a lot of shitty people you have to deal with and you’re going to get fucked time and time again by awful people. A lot of the stereotypes in the music industry are true. Very few people seem to really...

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It’s All About The Music – But Is It All Music?

Sometimes all the most important skills that you can hold to benefit your band are the ones that aren’t at all related to music. That’s a weird thought, now isn’t it? However – in my experience that’s just the way things are. People far too often believe that being a great musician is going to...

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Finding A Tour Vehicle – The Hidden Struggle Of An Indie Band On The Road

I’m gearing up for my first ever big boy tour, or at least the first one that I’m fully responsible for (Outside of, y’know, the nightmare hellscape that is booking) and I’m learning A LOT. This of course has been and will continue to be the inspiration for countless articles. Today’s particular struggle is renting...

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Why No One Has Any Clue What’s Going On In The Music Industry

So yeah – this is the brutal truth that we all need to wrap our heads around. It’s one of those things that I don’t think any of us fully grasp until we are faced with it in someone we admire. In a multi-billion dollar industry that markets to just about everyone on the planet,...

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What Other Genres Can Learn From Doom Metals Lack Of Sexism

I remember when I first started going to doom metal shows in high school. I would sneak out my parents apartment and watch bands like Indian and Cult of Occult tear up one of my favorite venues in the world, Glazart. I interviewed dozens of bands there and still work with the main booking agent....

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