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What Other Genres Can Learn From Doom Metals Lack Of Sexism

I remember when I first started going to doom metal shows in high school. I would sneak out my parents apartment and watch bands like Indian and Cult of Occult tear up one of my favorite venues in the world, Glazart. I interviewed dozens of bands there and still work with the main booking agent....

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Five Things That Make A Serial Concertgoer Wince At Your Concerts

I’m a serial concertgoer. I work full time in the music industry and part of this involves going to three to five shows in a week. It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that I’ve seen over five hundred bands in the last calendar year – and yeah, I love it, but certain bits make...

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5 Bands Who’re Making a Musical Comeback

Ah, the one hit wonder. There’s always been a few artists/bands who’ve hit the jackpot, producing a song which captures a nation’s, or even the world’s imagination, until it is over and over and OVERPLAYED! Thereafter, the band are judged by the heights of that one song, and most usually fade into obscurity. Well here...

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Don’t Put A Chokehold On Your Dream

I always enjoy a good conversation about music. Just the other week I stopped in at a guitar shop that I don’t often go to, and I ran into my friend Carter Felker (), a bearded traditional folk & country singer/songwriter. Apparently he had been working as a sales guy at the guitar store for...

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5 Ways Bands Can Gain From Running Sweepstakes Promotions

The word sweepstakes likely conjures up images of Ed McMahon ringing your doorbell with a giant check in hand. But the truth is that a sweepstakes promotion can be a great way to get your band’s name out there. And you don’t even have to show up at anyone’s door with an oversized check (unless...

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The Forgotten Art Of Saying Hello, Spam In Today’s Music Industry

Has the simple act of saying hello been forgotten in the frantic act of getting from here to there in the music industry? Often, it’s the musicians who get a bad rap for spamming…sending unsolicited mp3’s and so forth. But the problem is industry wide. Everyone wants something, but very few of us are actually...

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Paul Y Justin talk about DIY and punk music marketing

Today I spoke with eccentric Sacramento rock duo Paul Y Justin, who are currently working on their debut album. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions. Tell us about Paul Y Justin and what you bring to the table. We started out in a punk band in high school, back then as members of “The Celery Stalkers”,...

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