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Former Radiohead Creative Director Dilly Gent Directs 1st Base Runner Music Video

Former Radiohead Creative Director Dilly Gent Directs 1st Base Runner Music Video Director Dilly Gent (former Radiohead creative director – see IMDb for portfolio) filmed Tim Husmann of 1st Base Runner sitting high on a box inside a convertible while driving around Long Beach. His instructions were to remain statue still, despite cold conditions and the fact that he had just...

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Mr. Grossman and Patrick Ames Release Fiery Single About January 6 Insurrection

Mr. Grossman and Patrick Ames Release Fiery Single About January 6 Insurrection Out of chaos and disorder comes potent art, and the new collaboration between newcomer Songwriter/Producer Mr. Grossman and acclaimed Singer Songwriter Patrick Ames entitled “F.W.I.W.” is no exception. Inspired by the January 6 insurrection and attempted coup, these Californian musicians reflect on one of the darkest moments in...

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Gorillaz ‘Song Machine Season One: Strange Timez’ Full Album Is out, and We Had to Take a Minute to Gather Our Thoughts

So much has happened with Gorillaz and their magical song machine since the release of the video for “Strange Times” and our wordy review of the Robert Smith collab. The beloved virtual band announced that Song Machine would be made into an album or rather a “season,” called Strange Timez. Before it released on October 23, the...

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Russian Psych Pop Visionary MITYA Releases Psychedelic ‘Nude’ EP With 360-Degree ‘Island’ Music Video

Kazan, Russia-based psych pop artist MITYA is celebrating the release of new 5-track EP ‘Nude‘ and a 360-degree music video for ‘Island’. The EP finds MITYA experimental, funky and fun, with a chilled, slightly mischevious falsetto over psychedelic, woozy beats. There’s plenty of beauty to behold in the intriguing arrangements, and no shortage of drama...

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Beck Morning Phase Album Cover on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

On Morning Phase Beck rubs the sleep from his eyes

If you’ve spent a couple rain-soaked afternoons listening to Beck’s first plush collection of songs, Sea Change, then there should be no surprises with his newest offering, Morning Phase. The two effectively go hand-in-hand. As the title suggests, it’s purely a morning album. Where Sea Change fits perfectly between, say, the hours of 4 p.m. and 5...

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Beck on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

6 Most Anticipated Music Releases of 2014 (January-June)

With a new year, comes a whole new bunch of releases from some of the most revered artists around, let’s look at some of the biggest and best to come during the first half of 2014… Warpaint American indie rockers Warpaint see their second studio album released in just a couple of weeks time. The...

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Take Cover! The Bikini Robot Army Is Upon Us!

It’s always a good thing when artists are unafraid to get weird, don’t you think? Bikini Robot Armyis the quirky and strange self-produced rock/funk/pop/motown/experimental creation of solo artist Val Broeksmit. Like Beck, the Gorillaz and Tom Waits, Broeksmit prefers to venture deep into his own eccentric world rather than explore the expected. With a soul-infused flair and...

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Exclusive interview with Dublin folk/rock artist Andrew Handrick

Today I caught up with Irish folk/rock artist Andrew Handrick. I was very impressed with the rawness of his work. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Andrew. Your music has that intense, isolated feel of one person in a room telling stories. Can you tell us about how you set about writing and recording your new...

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Jon Prophet Preaches To The Rock N Roll Choir

Recently I had the chance to speak with a very driven artist who has crafted his own intelligent and unique brand of rock n’ roll. In fact, he seems to share some of the same inclusive ideas as my own on the subject. I’m excited to introduce you to an artist you’ll no doubt be...

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