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ben watkins

Innovation in Music Series – Juno Reactor Exclusive Interview

Welcome to the 2nd installment of our “Innovation in Music Series”, where I interview artists who have blazed a path for themselves by following their hearts and bringing something truly vital and original to the world. The first interview in the series was with progressive metal giants Animals As Leaders. Today’s interview is with an...

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Juno Reactor’s “The Golden Sun Of The Great East” Is A Genre-Transcending Masterwork

Juno Reactor has been a respected institution in music for over 20 years now. Started as an art project with the sole intention of creating good art that was not commercially motivated, Ben Watkins soon found that there were many music listeners around the world who were looking for his particular type of imagination. And...

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12 Essential Electronic Music Artists For Rock Fans

Many music fans simply don’t know where to start with “electronic music”. With a daunting, ever-widening scope of sub-genres within sub-genres, it seems that plunging in would be similar to exploring the Universe; witnessing phenomena without end. For those not into the club, DJ, or rave scenes, or who typically enjoy soaking in the warm...

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