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Tribal House Crew To Release Hypnotic, Percussion-Heavy “Afro Acid” EP

Tribal House Crew To Release Hypnotic, Percussion-Heavy “Afro Acid” EP South Florida-based Tribal House Crew are set to release 3 mixes of their percussion-heavy new Afro House single “Afro Acid” on March 11 via Underground Rhythm Records. The Tribal House Crew is the brainchild of veteran DJ and producer Charlie Dee Diaz, a combination of his underground production with the vocals...

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ENTER THE WHITE PONY By ELI JACE > June 2000, daytime — driving somewhere in America: *click* —CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES– *click* —ALL THE OTHER SLIM SHADYS ARE JUST– *click* –IT’S GONNA BE MAY– *click*   These are the sounds of driving with an indecisive finger on the radio dial in the first summer...

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Swedish band Slim Loris unite rock n roll with Americana on “Down to Earth”

Slim Loris is a 3-piece rock n’ roll/folk rock band who come from a place famous for having a great music scene – Stockholm, Sweden. Their music is simultaneously upbeat yet melancholy, familiar yet fresh. They pay tribute to the 60’s musical movements, the early 90’s alternative peak, as well as the modern rock approach...

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