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You Can’t Afford To Ignore Bloggers Anymore.

So, here’s the score. You’re a band – you might be new, or conversely, you might be more established than kingpins like the classic Iron Maiden or next-generation stars like Bring Me The Horizon. Doubtful, but who knows? Basically, it doesn’t matter. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say ‘forget the rock press’ (Kerrang, Rock Sound, Metal...

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Rick Rollin Has Chuck Sheen Swag And So Can You – The Interview

I respect any artist who embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and puts effort into promoting themselves. Recently I had the chance to check out the catchy “Chuck Sheen Swag” by Green Thumb Project and was surprised at the number of Youtube views it had gained (over 100,000). Read my article on controversy in music marketing for...

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