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A Sad Week for Music: Legends Charlie Daniels and Ennio Morricone Pass On the Same Day

While the focus both in the music world and out right now is and should be on fighting the COVID pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s still important to honor the lives of musicians, especially pioneers like Charlie Daniels and Ennio Morricone. These two musical legends both passed July 6, 2020 from a...

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Andrew Luttrell Band – Paint by Numbers CD Review (2012)

Gutwrenching and emotional with a traditional bluegrass/rock vibe, the Andrew Luttrell Band impress with the very atmospheric and foreboding “Landscape Plains”, a cut taken from the new release “Paint by Numbers”. Andrew Luttrell’s voice is reminiscent of seasoned artists like Blue Rodeo, Neil Young and Tom Petty, and the music fits in with the same...

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