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Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets - I Used to Have Fun

Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets Plug In, Lean In on New Album ‘I Used to Have Fun’

Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets Plug In, Lean In on New Album ‘I Used to Have Fun’ We’re pleased to introduce New Mexico-based blues rock and roll quartet Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets and their blistering new full-length album I Used to Have Fun. With track titles like Evil by the Plenty and Bald, Fat and 45, you know...

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The Jelly Project’s “Ugly Dirty” is one of the best rock releases of 2012

The Jelly Project‘s “Ugly Dirty” is one of the best rock releases of 2012 – period. This is a real rock band, through and through, and not the kind peddled by most music blogs in 2012. There’s no put on, no dabbling with ‘indie’, no attempt at being something it isn’t. Pure and natural, forceful and...

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Erik Lamberth – Three Guitars

Erik Lamberth – Three Guitars by Devin McAlister Genera: Contemporary Jazz, Blues, Guitar Enthusiasts URL– Overall Rating: 2.5/5 It’s unfortunate that most modern artists lack what I would call musical diversity. The good artist can do one thing really well, while the gifted ones can do that and more. This clearly separates the pretenders...

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Deanna Cartea – Open Road

With a very bluesy lead riff and a hop-step country rock n’ roll beat, “Open Road” by British Columbia-based singer/songwriter Deanna Cartea has some tried-and-true ingredients to stir in the pot, but the most compelling one is her sultry (and sexy – hey, it’s a part of life!), playful voice that is at once smoky...

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Exclusive Interview with Soulful Alternative Rockers Fly Paper

Fly Paper are a classic-sounding, blues-driven alternative rock band with strong grooves and soulful vocals. I enjoyed their album enough to make room for it on my already full iPod! Currently promoting their self-titled release and relentlessly performing live, they took the time to bring me up to speed with their latest. Welcome to Independent...

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Exclusive Interview and Feature with Steve Kouba – “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

Steve Kouba is a strange cat to be sure, but aren’t the strange ones the best when it comes to music and art? This Chicago musician/singer songwriter has carved a unique niche for himself and is also doing something 99 percent of musicians want to do; earning a living off his music. Steve is currently a...

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Rock n Roll Storm’s A Comin – A Hideous Blue Inspires

“Nothing’s what you bargained for. Give it up like a cheap whore.” That sums it up, doesn’t it? There is a positive message in there if you look for it. Your plan. Give it up. Drop it. Sobering, lyrical brilliance from Mr. Derrick Mills, the musical mastermind behind the dangerous and fascinating project A Hideous...

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