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12 Promoter Theory

12 promoter theory is a tricky thing, but also what I have based a lot of my tour booking experience around especially for lower level bands. It is the belief that it is much better for your band to do weekend dates every other weekend within 250 miles or so of your home town rather...

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Long Term Thinking In The Music Industry

The points I’m going to make in this article are going to seem super obvious to some of you and make literally no sense to others. That’s because I’m talking about putting others before yourself, and in the music industry of all places. You’re not going to read about this sort of thing going down...

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Talking To Your Booking Agent: A Guide For Indie Bands

So I’m going to preface this by saying I’m extremely grateful to our booking agent, they have done wonders for us that we never could have pulled off on our own You’ve got to honor them and admire all that they have managed to put together in a very brief period of time. That being...

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Independent Industry Figures : Nate Carson

Independent Industry Figures is a weekly column at IMP where we do a feature on a different music industry figure every week and try to better understand what they’re all about. With each installment we try and get a better sense of what it means to make a living in the music industry and how...

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