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New Wave and your Indie Band

New Wave and your Indie Band I’m reading this book Talking To Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield and it got me really thinking about the power of new wave and the long term effects that it has had on the music industry and what we could learn from these artists. There was something...

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Building A Personal Brand

Something I find very frustrating is the common musicians unwillingness to build their personal brand. I guess the thing that drives me crazy is that aren’t musicians supposed to be self centered? Yet they don’t want to take the time to produce the regular content that is needed to guarantee long term success. A lot...

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Your Personal Social Media Profiles And Your Brand

Something that a lot of people have brought up to me recently has been my Facebook presence, hell, my social media presence n general. It’s extremely different from a lot of other peoples out there and not just because I have a weird super intense lifestyle. Rather it is because I direct my social media...

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What You Need To Consider Before Hiring People To Help Your Band

Part of why people are so hesitant to hire within the music industry is that this is a notoriously unreliable industry and not only that but once you get someone who is actually worth a damn in terms of work ethic then they also need to have connections. It’s extremely hard to find someone who...

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How To Act Like An Extravagant Rock Star… On A Budget!

How To Act Like An Extravagant Rock Star… On A Budget! Some of the outlandish things that bands can splurge for can seem insane, to say the least. Sometimes, the most extravagant things they come out with are so unique or off the wall that they’re the ones that really get people talking. From creating...

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