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Vancouver-based Folk Rock artist Geoff Gibbons Releases Powerful Music Video for Road Anthem “Keep On Driving”

Vancouver-based Folk Rock artist Geoff Gibbons Releases Powerful Music Video for Road Anthem “Keep On Driving” Vancouver-based Roots/Folk Rock artist Geoff Gibbons is a true storyteller, armed with that rare narrative combination of humility, compassion, and troubadour wisdom. His songs are melodic and wholly relatable. Much like Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen’s music, when Geoff...

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“It’s Good to Get High…And Never Come Down” – Tom Petty.

by ELI JACE > “…And Never Come Down” – Tom Petty. While Tom Petty lay in a coma, the world devoted the day to its new, unwelcome loss. After a daylong deluge of confusion in reporting, the confirmation finally came. One of America’s most cherished songwriters, Petty, died after suffering cardiac arrest, holding on long...

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On “Prisoner” Ryan Adam Misses her like Candy

In reading some reviews of Ryan Adams’ new album, Prisoner, released earlier this year, I saw one writer describe the cover as a self-portrait. Could be. But, really, I see two people embracing, one face-forward, one back, with an emotional finality. These songs were written in the aftermath of Adams’ marriage to actress and singer...

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Neil Young peers at the lo-fi past on A Letter Home

Before Neil Young tries to master the state of audio with his high-quality digital music service, Pono, he wants to remind us where we once were. His new album, A Letter Home, was recorded in one full take on a rare Voice-o-Graph instant vinyl recording booth–the type of antique only Jack White could get his grubby hands...

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Glenn Page releases solid track “Life Goes Past”

A well-written song about regret, and well, the sadness of life and time, “Life Goes Past” is a solid musical outing from New Jersey singer/songwriter Glenn Page. Vocally and lyrically Glenn keeps his influences nearby, sounding inspired by both Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, and who could argue with that? Glenn lets his heart out...

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Grace at Arms plays Springsteen inspired Rock and Roll

Sounding inspired by Bruce Springsteen and inspired by Foo Fighters musically, Grace at Arms is catchy rock and roll with a heart at it’s core. Sounding fresh even with the band’s old school leanings is no easy task, but it’s a dynamic that works simply because you can tell they’re passionate. Love it or hate...

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Exclusive Interview with Chicago Punk Rockers Warhellride

Warhellride is a Chicago based punk rock/rock quartet working hard to inject some fast-paced aggression…and serious good times into a city in much need of it. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. Please tell us about your new CD release “Without Anchors” EP and what people can expect from it. Without Anchors is a collection...

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