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Oakland’s Idiot Grins Release Chilling, Cinematic Music Video for their Louvin Brothers Cover “Satan’s Jeweled Crown”

Oakland’s Idiot Grins Release Chilling, Cinematic Music Video for their Louvin Brothers Cover “Satan’s Jeweled Crown” Oakland-based Americana/Country/R&B group Idiot Grins have announced the release of new official music video for their Louvin Brothers cover “Satan’s Jeweled Crown”, out June 25 on Youtube. This song is taken from Idiot Grins‘ 4th album “Thoughts & Prayers”, which is a song-for-song release of the Louvin...

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The Last Great Festival (before COVID): Desert Daze 2019

By ELI JACE > Photography By Erika Reinsel > Let’s trip back one year ago this weekend. To a time when musicians held outdoor concerts for massive groups of comingling, dirty, despondent, drugged out groups of people camping in close proximity with little running water. It was the tail-end of festival season–October 10-13, 2019.  ...

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Weezer make another album called Weezer

Somehow with each new album Weezer get more formulaic, but twice as weird. Their tenth album, self titled and deemed The White Album, is no different. If their self-titled debut, The Blue Album, was the classic and its follow-up, Pinkerton, was the deep fan favorite, then their third, also self-titled, The Green Album, would be the perfect blueprint with...

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Bloodmoon-Pure Heavy Metal Ascension

  The West Coast is exploding with heavy bands right now all of whom have recently put out top notch records, these bands include, Witch Mountain (Whose t-shirt I am currently wearing), Agalloch, Ash Borer, Blackwitch Pudding and more. Yet for me, there is one rarely mentioned rising act who people should really start taking...

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I.M.P Artist Monks of Mellonwah Announce Mini U.S Tour, Award Nomination and New Full-Length Album

We are VERY pleased to announce the following news from Independent Music Promotions’ roster artist Monks of Mellonwah! Australian alternative rock group Monks of Mellonwah have announced that they will be travelling to the U.S.A for a 2nd time to perform at the 2012 Los Angeles Music Awards, (where the band has received 3 award...

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