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Review of Piqued Jacks new Singles

I’ve only had this computer for a couple of weeks, already it’s starting to screw with me. I’m trying to download tracks for a record that seems genuinely interesting, and yet here I am, stuck in the stone age (or is it the stoned age?) a slave to a shoddy internet connection. But what about...

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Why Artists & Labels Should Steer Clear Of Reviewshine

One of the most difficult things for artists to do is find legitimate, results-based services and companies to work with in the promotion of their music. Sometimes the presentation is strong and there are enough partnerships to create the impression of validity, but it’s a challenge to find an outside perspective or neutral review. For...

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5 Ways To Avoid Music Industry Scammers – The Google Test

“This is a stick up! Give me your dreams, punk!” Hi all. Today’s post is something that I talk about often in Facebook statuses and emails, but strangely have never dedicated an article to the topic – how to tell if your band is getting scammed. It’s very simple, but absolutely necessary in this world...

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