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Chana Matthews

Patrick Ames Releases Equality-Themed Anthem For All the “Essential Workers”

Trickster Singer Songwriter Patrick Ames continues to evolve his lyrically potent junkyard blues signature cocktail on hooky new single “Essential Workers”, out today on all platforms. For someone like Patrick, who very much observes and writes about the world around him, current events are inevitably going to find their way into his songs – especially when the California...

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Patrick Ames Kicks Up the Jams On Funky, Soulful Rock & Roll Single “You Make Me Scream”

Modern poet, wine enthusiast and blues philosopher Patrick Ames gets wild and loose on jangly new rock n’ roll single “You Make Me Scream”. This new release follows up Patrick’s other 2020 releases, “Reawakened 2020” and “Liveness”. Patrick teams up with Producer Jon Ireson for a funky dance song destined for the summertime charts. It may be hot, it may...

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