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Chase H. Mason

Gatecreeper drop “Unexpected” album

By ELI JACE > Billowing from the world’s number one COVID hotspot, Arizona’s Gatecreeper have surprise-released a new album. Surprise! At midnight last night, An Unexpected Reality, appeared available for purchase and download. Only hours before, singer Chase “Hellahammer” Mason started the tease.   I can’t wait to punish everyone for at least a full week...

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GATECREEPER Bring Harsh Conditions on Debut Album

The Arizona sun can be an oppressive force, an unforgivable presence. “I do think people from Arizona, I think maybe our brains are a little fried,” Chase H. Mason of GATECREEPER said during his sit-down interview with IMP. As a member of the new Arizona metal group that can be good for at least one...

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by ELI JACE > So I met with Chase H. Mason – vox and growler for GATECREEPER – a few blocks from the Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona where the group’s upcoming tour will end at the one-day fest, Within These Walls. It’s early September and in about a month on October 7, the metal...

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