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chino moreno

Chino Moreno Revives †††

By ELI JACE > The witch is in the house. One month before Deftones are set to start their twice-canceled tour with Gojira, frontman Chino Moreno revives †††. The project (Crosses) have released two new songs, “Initiation” and “Protection.” They share the same cinematically dark mood of previous tracks, but float a little higher. Moreno...

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Top 10 Albums of the Last 4 Years

By ELI JACE > Best of the Last Four Years (2017-2020) As America completes another step in the transfer of power from one presidential administration to the next, another chunk of history concludes. The last four years have been tumultuous beyond true comprehension, but musicians, as always, grind through, finding creativity where it lands. At...

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ENTER THE WHITE PONY By ELI JACE > June 2000, daytime — driving somewhere in America: *click* —CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES– *click* —ALL THE OTHER SLIM SHADYS ARE JUST– *click* –IT’S GONNA BE MAY– *click*   These are the sounds of driving with an indecisive finger on the radio dial in the first summer...

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Deftones create new metal classic with heady “Gore”

The theme of this review is consistency. For twenty years Deftones have put out consistently adept albums steeped in their own style of what could be whittled down to, in layman’s terms, as “metal.” But, it’s so much more than that. Gore is the band’s eighth and was released on April 8th. The number eight,...

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5 Years Ago Deftones Re-emerged with Diamond Eyes

Read our article on what a band like Deftones can teach independent artists.  Five years ago today Deftones hurled back with their sixth album, Diamond Eyes. “Let’s drink with our weapons in our hands,” frontman Chino Moreno suggests on “Rocket Skates,” the first single. “Let’s sleep in this trance.” Then, with the scream where you...

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Crosses Album cover on the Independent Music Promotions Blog

Chino Moreno puts the haze in the chamber for ††† debut

The ghosts of Chino Moreno’s new-wave past have floated into the present for his newest project dubbed, ††† (“crosses”). The Deftones frontman linked up with old friend Shaun Lopez, from Far, and Chuck Doom for their self-titled, debut album–a collection of songs both hazy and guttural. Each track is kicked along by crisp, pricking hip-hop...

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Donnie Menig stretches far with “Tear it Apart”

Drummer and songwriter Donnie Menig is pushing his first single “Tear It Apart” for all the world to see on his Facebook page. The pluses: Menig plays all instruments and proves himself to have at least great potential at all them. The drums are solid. The recording is decent though it could use some additional...

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