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Concerts After Coronavirus: What happens to an industry built on large gatherings?

  So fun is cancelled for a while… Gatherings are banned which means the live music industry is closed for business and we’re all missing that luxury we took for granted, going to check out a show. Now thousands of musicians, professional and otherwise, have taken to their bathrooms and kitchens as a sort of...

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The End Of Warped Tour And The Future Of The Concert Industry

So Warped tour is ending and this is a larger symptom of a huge problem the industry is going to be facing in the next few years. In the interview where he dropped the bomb, Warped tour founder said, “We were doing fine, but we had a pretty big dip last year. It was that...

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Why Your Band Needs To Promote Shows

by MATT BACON > Hey, so there’s a secret to getting to play all of the cool shows in your local scene and endearing yourself to that long haired mustachioed local promoter who seems to be putting on most of the cool shows. It’s the one thing you can do in order to make sure...

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Do People Even Care?

by MATT BACON > So today I received an good query from a client texting me about the future of their band. While the context was certainly rather specific what it boiled down to, as far as I understood it was, “What if the showgoing audience genuinely just doesn’t care and would rather just see...

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Long Term Thinking In The Music Industry

The points I’m going to make in this article are going to seem super obvious to some of you and make literally no sense to others. That’s because I’m talking about putting others before yourself, and in the music industry of all places. You’re not going to read about this sort of thing going down...

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Sunday At Psycho Las Vegas: The Rise From The Sub Basement

Sunday – the final day of Psycho. I was wiped out – as was pretty much everybody else – but somehow we would have to power through. After all some of the best sets of the festival were to come, as a matter of fact most of my favorite individual performances came on Sunday, which...

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