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Defining Expectations And Reading Contracts

So I just saw a pretty major band that I used to manage broke up. And they broke up because the singer decided to be whiny and was upset that even though his band had only really been touring for two years and was getting cool record deals he still felt he wasn’t where he...

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Spotting Fake Record Labels

by MATT BACON > So one thing that I’ve seen happen to tons of bands that I work with is differentiating between real and bogus record deals. Every day dozens, if not hundreds of bands think they’ve finally made the big time and end up signing a record deal that hurts their reputations, makes them...

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Industry Interview with Crystal Lee from Vandala Concepts

Crystal Lee is the CEO of Vandala Concepts, a very ambitious entertainment company offering just about every service you could imagine to independent artists, not to mention a magazine, and she has the industry knowledge to make it all effective. Crystal, Please tell us about Vandala Concepts, how you got started with it and what...

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