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Russian Circles live

State of the Industry Address

State of the Industry Address: Taking a look at the music industry and counter-culture as we head into another decade. by Jon C. Ireson Where are we now? Where…are…we…now? I’m Jon Ireson and this is to be a “State of the Industry” address, taking a look at where music is as we are about to...

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Why Artists & Labels Should Steer Clear Of Reviewshine

One of the most difficult things for artists to do is find legitimate, results-based services and companies to work with in the promotion of their music. Sometimes the presentation is strong and there are enough partnerships to create the impression of validity, but it’s a challenge to find an outside perspective or neutral review. For...

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Tony DeSimone Impresses With “The Second Time Around”

Tony DeSimone is a very talented singer/songwriter with his own take on pop and Americana music. His new release “The Second Time Around” reveals a storyteller who is both hopeful and determined. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Tony. Your new album “The Second Time Around” has a distinctly positive feel to it. Was this a...

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