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Cover Art

Final Notice! cover artwork by Shaun Friesen

Lord Sonny the Unifier does Bowie proud with new album “FINAL NOTICE!”

  Brooklyn psychedelic rock and roll visionary Lord Sonny the Unifier‘s debut full-length album “FINAL NOTICE!” is available everywhere now. LSTU’s unique brand of biker psychedelia and earnest rock lyrics should please fans of classic Bowie (read Eli Jace’s article on celebrating David Bowie or his blackstar review), Motorhead and the Clash. From the artist:...

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Cover Art And Your DIY Band

Cover art is a tricky thing. In some ways it is the most important aspect of an album because as much as we don’t want to admit it people DO judge albums by their cover so if the album has a shitty cover then people aren’t going to get it. If people don’t appreciate the...

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