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Jim Morrison must be smiling. Marilyn Manson’s “The End” cover is artful, passionate and essential.

Somewhere in the cosmos, Jim Morrison is smiling, resting in the knowledge that someone out there really ‘got it’, all that talk of painful wildernesses, lizard self-awareness and personal release at the end of all things. At least one person ‘got it’, and it’s clear that person is Marilyn Manson. On Manson’s recently released cover...

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Colin Everall covers Tool's "Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)" on solo piano

WATCH Canadian Musician Colin Everall Perform TOOL’s “Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)” on Solo Piano

Currently working his way through arranging and performing 3 full TOOL albums (Ænima, Lateralus & 10,000 Days) on solo piano, Canadian musician Colin Everall has made it to number 21 of the 32 tracks required to achieve the lofty feat. #21, and our video of the day, is the beautiful, odd “Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)”....

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Tom Dyer Covers Captain Beefheart’s “Smithsonian Institute Blues”

The strange and wonderful Seattle rock/blues/crossover artist Tom Dyer has shot a video for one of my favorite cuts off his latest album “I Ain’t Blue Anymore” – his gritty and groovy cover of Captain Beefheart’s classic “Smithsonian Institute Blues”. The track suites Dyer just fine….it’s always good to see artists in their element. Check...

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