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GoFundMe: A Valuable Tool, Or The Portal To Poserdom?

GoFundMe is an unsurprisingly controversial site. There is a lot to both love and hate about the service – it brings out some really good ideas and allows you to support excellent causes, but also gives credence to some terrifyingly shitty ones. For every good person using it for a legitimate reason there’s a dozen...

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11 Reasons Why Your Music Self-Promotion Isn’t Working

Music self-promotion is a topic that has been explored extensively over the past 20 years. Some of the basic ground rules are the same that apply to any business or freelancer. Most people in the industry, however, bands included, don’t know a whole lot about it. Many prefer to hover around the topic of social...

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Blues Rock Duo The Blue News Launches Kickstarter, Needs Your Help

Blues rock duo The Blue News ((Brent Orndorff & Dustin Richardson) have taken the high road with their new Kickstarter campaign, intended to raise funds for their ambitious new full-length album “In Your Dreams”, which fans of the band will briefly preview when watching the campaign video, narrated by Brent (vocals, instrumentation). Quoted from their campaign: This is...

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The Noise Beneath The Apple Announces Rockethub Campaign To Raise Funds For Recording Project Of “New York State Of Mind” Featuring Over 30 New York City Street Musicians

My friend and colleague Heather Jacks at The Noise Beneath The Apple, a favorite New York City-based music blog of mine, has launched a compelling/exciting Rockethub campaign with an inspiring goal (full details below). I hope you help her achieve it! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 4, 2013 THE NOISE BENEATH THE APPLE ANNOUNCES ROCKETHUB CAMPAIGN...

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The Myths And Realities Of Crowd Funding For Musicians

Crowd Funding (Excerpt from “Your Band Is A Virus – Expanded Edition) Many artists rejoiced when they found out about a fairly recent development in the online music world; crowd funding. Websites such as, and allow artists, business owners, film directors, inventors, and fundraisers of just about every persuasion to set up a...

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