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Atlanta Musicians 3D The Boss Inspire Their Audience With High Energy Music and Practical Wisdom

Atlanta Musicians 3D The Boss Inspire Their Audience With High Energy Music and Practical Wisdom Atlanta musicians 3D The Boss are currently promoting debut album “Push It”, as well as providing health and wellness coaching services and a free mobile app called ‘YDBG’. 3D The Boss have had an eventful 2021 so far. They released...

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Chicago Nu Pop Soul Artist Ava Cherry Channels Resilience Enough For Us All On New “Testify Love” Single

Chicago Nu Pop Soul Artist Ava Cherry Channels Resilience Enough For Us All On New “Testify Love” Single Established Chicago-based pop/soul/dance songstress Ava Cherry has been making music for 5 decades, having released several solo albums and worked with everyone from Curtis Mayfield and Luther Vandross to Ziggy Stardust himself (she’s featured heavily on Bowie’s...

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CALVERT Brings Powerhouse Vocals and Pro Collaborations on New EP “This Beautiful Life” Vol 1

NYC’s pop/dance champion and acclaimed performer CALVERT unleashes a steady stream of inspiration on energized debut EP “This Beautiful Life, Vol. 1”, described as a ‘true labor of love’by the artist. Helping CALVERT bring this release to us are Jonathan Mendelsohn (producer, writer), Jamey Ray (arranger, orchestrator, producer), Alex Psaroudakis (mastering) and Pablo St Martin (mixing). “Wanna Be” is a cover...

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Liars crack open the glowstick on seventh album, Mess

One of the first things I did after pressing play on Mess, the new, seventh album from Liars, was take my pants off. Only because a voice with Satanic inflections demands it on the opening song, “Mask Maker.” If you fail to comply, it’s your face that’ll get eaten. Mess is the Liars’ devilishly drugged-up...

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Fiona (Miss 2.1) “Boy Toy” Music Video

Up-and-coming singer Fiona (Miss 2.1) comes to us from Brooklyn, New York, with a mainstream pop sound similar to Ke$ha and Katy Perry. Check out Fiona (Miss 2.1)’s new music video for “Boy Toy” below. This is definitely a pick that’s more for the pop and dance music fans out there, and for those who...

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Exclusive Interview with Domino Grey – Electronic music for fans of Juno Reactor, Underworld

Electronic artist Domino Grey is most certainly a “child of rhythm”. This Long Island native has been building up a strong fanbase with his dance/electronic/club style that he infuses his own philosophy and emotionality in, much like cult heroes Juno Reactor and Underworld. We’re excited to have an exclusive interview with Domino. Among the topics...

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Exclusive Interview with International model, actress and singer Amy Weber

Today’s exclusive interview is with multi-talented celebrity, international model, actress, film producer, and singer/recording artist Amy Weber. You may have seen on in Maxim Magazine, Son of the Beach, CSI, the Tonight Show,  Port Charles or Seventh Heaven to name a few. Amy’s resume is extremely impressive but it’s mainly her music we’ll be discussing...

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Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings by Domino Grey – Electronic Music Review

“Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings” is an electronica/dance track by popular New York/Long Island artist Domino Grey taken from his “Butterfly Affect Part 1: Facial Recognition Technology” release. In the vein of artists like Underworld, Juno Reactor, Chemical Brothers, Sphongle, and the Orb, Domino Grey has no trouble at all encouraging the dance impulse,...

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Exclusive Interview with Electronic cult-favourite Mothrider

Image and mythology are important to cult-favourite electronic artist Mothrider, who enjoys a huge fanbase and plenty of upcoming happenings for 2012. Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Mothrider. Your image is fascinating. Do you think that too many musicians slack in this department? I have always been drawn to musicians and bands that have a...

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