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Gatecreeper drop “Unexpected” album

By ELI JACE > Billowing from the world’s number one COVID hotspot, Arizona’s Gatecreeper have surprise-released a new album. Surprise! At midnight last night, An Unexpected Reality, appeared available for purchase and download. Only hours before, singer Chase “Hellahammer” Mason started the tease.   I can’t wait to punish everyone for at least a full week...

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The Cult Of Personality And Heavy Metal

If metal is supposed to be about the individual then why do we spend so much time in our hero worship of the stars? Metalheads like to claim that they are immune from the common threads that make people so awful and yet they perhaps engage in more hero worship than any other subgroup of...

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Hellfest Day Three: A Return To Earth

So we come to the final day. A day that had one of the sickest lineups that I have ever seen on any festival ever, and I’m not just saying that because of Black Sabbath. I was running around all day – sweating, yelling and stressed beyond belief, but loving every bloody minute of it....

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Day 2 Of Hellfest: Watch The Flames Burn Higher and Higher

Day two of Hellfest saw me wake up with the first traces of festival plague. I had developed something of hack overnight – I would be wheezing far more than I would like this particular Saturday. Of course – by this point the festival was in full swing. Some of my friends had gotten laid,...

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Day One Of Hellfest: The Survival Fires

Ah day one of Hellfest. The air smells of infinite possibility. Maybe we’ll get to sleep with a rock star this year. Maybe we can avoid the mud that plagued the festival all weekend (We definitely couldn’t) maybe we will get so earth shatteringly drunk that we won’t remember inevitably throwing up all over EVERYTHING....

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Housecore Horror Film Festival – Day 1

Every once in a while IMP sends out one of its rogue journalists on a machine to go to a festival, get super drunk, see a bunch of old friends – and hopefully see some bands to write about. Matt Bacon got a chance to attend this years House Horror Film Festival and this is...

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Summer Slaughter 2015 in Philadelphia

When I was first moving to America one of the things I was most curious to check out was the famed “Touring festivals” Of course now, Mayhem Fest is dead and gone and Summer Slaughter is the last real legitimate touring metal festival out there. And yet, as I continued through the day I was...

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Independent Industry Figures: Bob Lugowe of Relapse Records

Independent Industry Figures is a weekly column at IMP where we interview music industry figures to try to better understand what they’re all about. With each installment we try and get a sense of what it means to make a living in the music industry and how people can get involved. After all – what...

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Journeys In Hellfest Day 3: Controlling The Flames

Hellfest, that legendary European festival that has taken the world by storm and won the hearts of countless musicians and fans across the globe. For the 150 bands playing and hundreds of thousands of fans at the festival journeying to the small French village of Clisson and uncovering the strangely sublime hellscape that the festival...

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