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David Bowie’s Gone: A Tribute To The Man Who Fell To Earth

David Bowie. Geez. While Lemmy seemed immortal, Bowie seemed indelible. Like a part of the landscape. I’d be lying if I said I was a huge fan, but I always admire his aesthetic and his sheer innovation. I, like so manyother young people in the West have memories of listening to him with my dad...

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New Death sounds like the old Death on new album, N.E.W.

“The rock and roll is playing where the rock and roll will be,” Bobby Hackney sings declaratively on the song “Relief.” On Death’s new album of original material, released in April on TryAngle Records, the rock and roll is there, clear as day, ready to shake the sleep from your bones. After being pulled from...

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Bloodmoon-Pure Heavy Metal Ascension

  The West Coast is exploding with heavy bands right now all of whom have recently put out top notch records, these bands include, Witch Mountain (Whose t-shirt I am currently wearing), Agalloch, Ash Borer, Blackwitch Pudding and more. Yet for me, there is one rarely mentioned rising act who people should really start taking...

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