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Best New Albums and Singles of 2023

Best New Albums and Singles of 2023 At Independent Music Promotions, we are constantly curating the best new albums and singles from both the mainstream and the underground. In 2023 we’ve already been blessed with a shopping list of incredible albums, EP’s and single releases. Whether you’re an ‘all genres’ type of person or hyper-specific...

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Azusa’s transcontinental union has birthed a shapeshifting powerhouse on ‘Loop of Yesterdays’

Azusa‘s transcontinental union has birthed a shapeshifting powerhouse on ‘Loop of Yesterdays’, out now via Solid State Records. The final days of 2017 marked the end of mathcore legends The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s tenure as the preeminent force in maniacal, progressive post-hardcore. The band disbanded with a trio of shows at New York’s Terminal 5...

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Hell Is For Children — The 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class

By ELI JACE > The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that beacon of overindulgence, has struck out once again. This year’s inductees, with all due respect to Nine Inch Nails, are the wonkiest group ever selected by the increasingly out of touch voting board. Along with NIN, the Hall will induct singer Whitney Houston,...

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Unsigned Music Video Roundup

Recently I posted on the Independent Music Promotions Facebook wall asking for official music video submissions from our audience. The idea was to consider anything of high enough quality to recommend to the public. Below are the best videos from that experiment, and I encourage you to support the bands. First up are Infamous Vampires,...

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Jensen Code for your Electro Space Folk Rock Fix

Jensen Code is unique band indeed (describing themselves as “electro space folk rock”).  “The Colors Of Mars” contains alot of magical moments, as well as some lows that may deter people from further listening if they tuned in at the wrong point of a song.  For perspective, picture a hybrid of Thomas Dolby and SilverSun...

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Oleg Prodeus – The 13 CD Review

Oleg Prodeus is a Vienna based Alternative rock musician/writer/producer with a ton of projects on the go, one of them being his solo rock album “The 13”, which is a collection of moody yet catchy industrial-tinged songs. “Savior” sets a mood similar to Muse and Interpol at the beginning, with Oleg’s very distinctive lead vocal...

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Deadman Walking Through Moody Territory

Coming to us from Madrid, Spain, moody alternative rock trio Deadman bring to mind early-era Radiohead, The Cure, Placebo, Joy Division, The Smiths and The Pixies. This is not at all a bad thing, as few bands do it well. Deadman take both brit pop and goth rock to heart, and marry the two. The...

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