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Alternative Folk Artist the last optimist Uses Music As a Tool For Awakening

"This has been a year of alchemy. Turning challenging times into poetry, poetry into song verse, guitar plucking into orchestration, and hard experience into resilience. 'Seed Water Sun' is the soundtrack for that rough ride of human experience in 2023 with moments of rage and sadness resolved by the salve, the antidote, and the solace that we are all searching for."


John Frusciante’s Trickfinger negotiates between chaos and peace in real-time

John Frusciante’s Trickfinger negotiates between chaos and peace in real-time When we think of an artist embarking on a solo career, it’s usually seen as a narcissistic endeavor to some degree. The dissenting member feels that their ideas need to break free of the crucible of the band and perhaps that their clout as an...

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PUNK Docuseries on EPIX

Is the new “PUNK” TV Series Worth Watching? YES. If You Get Punk.

For someone like myself who grew up with a healthy respect and understanding, affinity even, with punk music, the inclusivity of punk scenes, the roaring passion from the artists, their fearlessness in performance, intelligence in expression, birthing of social movements, the wild, charismatic characters…it was a thrill to hear the words and see footage of...

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Erich Mrak photo taken by Smvrk

Toronto Pop Hip Hop Artist Erich Mrak Releases “Riptide” Single

We’re pleased to announce the latest single from Toronto-based Indie Pop/Hip Hop artist Erich Mrak. “Riptide” marks the 4th audio release of a 7 month campaign & is part of a 6 song EP which is being released as singles from January until July. Accompanying each single is an alternate rendition of each song performed “off...

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You Need A Side Hustle To Your Side Hustle!

So, this is really the secret to engaging with your community on a meaningful level and the reason no one gives a shit about you or your band. You don’t have a side hustle to your side hustle. That is to say, your side hustle is being in a band. Well on top of that...

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Bands with Heavy Nirvana Influence

Noise rock, Punk, Alternative, Indie and Grunge bands who fans of Nirvana should enjoy. As someone well-versed in Nirvana’s music and rock music in general, these choices are curated so please enjoy and get into some new bands! USA Nails – Creative Industries – Creative Industries Post Death Soundtrack – Dark Matter – It Will...

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Economic Models, Ray Dalio and DIY Music

So I’m working my way through Ray Dalio’s Principles right now and thus far it has been an enlightening read. The book actually recommended that I spend some time watching his truly excellent video called “How the Economic Machine Works”. You can go watch it right HERE, but it inspired me to write today about...

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Simplify, Simplify – Thoreau and DIY

“Simplify, simplify” Thoreau teaches us in Walden. It’s something that I think a lot of bands could learn from, that with simplicity we find greater success. This is a bit of a tough one and you are going to need to bear with me. I want to clarify that while punk and hardcore might be...

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How To Promote A Show (Without Pissing A Million People Off)

I know that this blog is primarily band focused, but given how viral the article I wrote last week about what bands can do to promote their local shows went I wanted to focus on the things that makes your show a banger, or at least make the bands not feel like you totally screwed...

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Defining Expectations And Reading Contracts

So I just saw a pretty major band that I used to manage broke up. And they broke up because the singer decided to be whiny and was upset that even though his band had only really been touring for two years and was getting cool record deals he still felt he wasn’t where he...

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Running Your Music Marathon

So I’m currently reading Ari Herstand’s fantastic book, How To Make It In The New Music Business, a collection of smart and relevant pieces about the state of the modern industry. It is genuinely helpful and, as opposed to many of his peers is extremely practical. One thing he talks about is the concept of...

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